YOKU MOKU began as the dream of a young confectioner who had the passion to provide delicious sweets to his community.

In 1932, at the young age of only 14 years old, NORIICHI FUJINAWA, the founder of YOKU MOKU, moved to Tokyo and began working with a local confectioner where his experience inspired him to develop a desire for mastering this craft. Ultimately, this led to a lifelong journey of providing the highest quality sweets around the world.

The name, YOKU MOKU, which was inspired from the name of a small town in Sweden surrounded by forests and lakes named JOKK MOKK, represents the picturesque setting of families warmly welcoming travelers into their colorful homes. The spirit of YOKU MOKU lies within these families gathering with their guests to share their love for sweet edibles together in peaceful harmony.

Today, there are over 100 YOKU MOKU stores around the world keeping the tradition of spreading smiles during their first bite of sweets.