Yoku Moku Heritage

YOKU MOKU Heritage

From the Land of the Rising Sun, a young child one day grew to be amongst the most prominent figures in confectionary beauty, providing the best in luxury chocolates, sweets, and cookies the world has to offer.

The late Mr. Noriichi Fujinawa, the founder of YOKU MOKU, was born in the Toyama region of Japan on August 4th, 1917, and when he was only 14 years of age, he began the journey of his legacy to transforming the confection industry into an extravagant display of creative art and service, bringing honor and pride to his family and homeland.

While serving as a confectioner in a local bakery, through time and experience, Mr. Noriichi generated a passion for confectionery that would last him a lifetime. Year later, Mr. Noriichi realized his dream to own a confectionery business with his family, so they formed alliances to establish their own confectionary company. It was during this time that Mr. Noriichi also learned the necessities of management such as manufacturing, sales, and accounting while playing an active role as the central pillar of this business.

After the Pacific War, life in Japan became very difficult and the confectionary business was put on hold because of the struggling economic conditions and due to the food and supplies shortage during that time, the ability to find raw materials was scarce and the tools for production were very limited. Mr. Noriichi, however, never gave up on his dream to continue the business with his brothers and applied his best efforts to revive their precious business because he knew that sweets would bring a smile to the people of Japan at a time when they needed it the most. After seeing the joy his confections brought to his homeland, this motivated Mr. Noriichi to devote his entire life to spreading this joy around the world.

After a brief visit to Sweden to a small town surrounded by forests and lakes named JOKK MOKK that represents the picturesque setting of families warmly welcoming travelers into their colorful homes, the name YOKU MOKU came to life from the year 1969. After varying the image of his company multiple times due to setbacks, expansions, touring the world, and during a rapid economic growth in Japan during the seventies, Mr. Noriichi began to open multiple factories that produced luxury confectionaries that attracted people’s preference while introducing an innovative distributing strategy that would place his creations in various department stores.

Today, what started out as a young boy’s dream in Japan to make people smile through his sweets, became one of the greatest international luxury confectionary companies, with more than 100 stores operating around the world. The development of YOKU MOKU evolved based on the sincere character and excellent management of Mr. Noriichi, as his beliefs and passion for confectionery and cookies are a stable of YOKU MOKU’s spiritual wealth.